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#103 1013 vancouver st.
Victoria, BC

ineffable is a literature & arts magazine that seeks to rouse and relish in the “unspeakable”: the erotic voice, the spiritual fever, the fiercely beautiful. We seek to provide established and up-and-coming artists with a medium for representation, displaying earnest work and creativity while withholding nothing. ineffable is an experiment in open identity and self-expression.


Marae Dalgas

 Marae Dalgas is a herbalist, writer and jeweller hailing from the Rocky Mountains of Canmore, AB currently living in Victoria.

Marae sees life as an exotic tapestry where people, places and art are threads for the weaving. She writes short stories and poetry on a 1926 Underwood No. 5, and is inspired by dreamscapes, the innate wisdom of the wild and magical realism.

This particular collection is a window into Marae's forthcoming novel inspired by the boundlessness of the human spirit and liminal spaces of life and death.

The Wild Dark
A Conductor of the Night Sky
The Acid King
The Blooming

You can visit Marae's webpage to stay up-to-date with her latest projects and peruse some of her other works.

All images © Marae Dalgas and Opal Retzer, reproduced with permission.