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#103 1013 vancouver st.
Victoria, BC

ineffable is a literature & arts magazine that seeks to rouse and relish in the “unspeakable”: the erotic voice, the spiritual fever, the fiercely beautiful. We seek to provide established and up-and-coming artists with a medium for representation, displaying earnest work and creativity while withholding nothing. ineffable is an experiment in open identity and self-expression.


Kingsley O'Bedlam

Kingsley O’Bedlam is a modern poet. He wakes up in the middle of the night to piss or shit if he is feeling poetic or write poetry if he is feeling crude. His backstory is either insignificant or the whole point of his poetry. Or other. At present he is in a café, with a long depleted cup of espresso (black as the devil, sweet as a stolen kiss), writing an author's statement in the third person. He likes it.


The following is a selection of three poems from the collection Counting Infinities.  

Wanting A

The following is a selection of three poems from the collection A Gold Hippolyta.

All words and images © Kingsley O'Bedlam, reproduced with permission.