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#103 1013 vancouver st.
Victoria, BC

ineffable is a literature & arts magazine that seeks to rouse and relish in the “unspeakable”: the erotic voice, the spiritual fever, the fiercely beautiful. We seek to provide established and up-and-coming artists with a medium for representation, displaying earnest work and creativity while withholding nothing. ineffable is an experiment in open identity and self-expression.

Jonathon Lang

In•eff•a•ble /ɪnˈɛfəbəl/ — too extreme to be expressed in words; that which must not be uttered

"My name is Jonathon and I have been actively writing for the last 15 years. I use a Smith-Corona Electra 120 typewriter to produce my poems. Call me old-fashioned but the typewriter forces me to draft each poem from the beginning over and over again until I am done with it. Sometimes two drafts are enough, other times seven or more need to be punched-out, scribbled upon, and punched out. It's often a long process, but in the end I don't end up in a position where I find myself bogged down with minor tweaking and never really feeling done with it the way it feels when I use digital means. Writing poetry is a chore, and when each piece is finished, I feel a brief sense of accomplishment. It's that satisfaction which keeps me coming back to flick the switch, listening to the whirr, hum, clack, and ding." 

wkyuan a poem.jpg

Images/words © Jonathon Lang, reproduced with permission.